Welcome to A Chic with Stix! A Chic with Stix, LLC is a field hockey and lacrosse equipment store located in Central New Jersey, serving all areas of New Jersey. We pride ourselves in selling serious gear for serious female athletes – Seriously!

NEW 2014 Lax Equipment Has Arrived!

We’re thrilled to introduce all of the new lacrosse equipment for the 2014 season, which is now available at A Chic with Stix!

New products from your favorite lacrosse brands, including deBeer, Harrow, and STX are  on our shelves and ready for you to check out.

We have a wide variety of complete sticks, heads, handles, goggles, stick bags and much, more. NEW this season…


NEW Complete Sticks

  • Crux 10 (New Handle)
  • Fortress
  • Crux (New Handle/Color)
  • Ntrance (New Handle/Color)
  • Nova (New Handle/Color)
  • Level (New Handle/Color)
  • Ava (New Handle/Color)
  • Starter Pack (New Colors)

NEW Handles

  • Crux (Flex 10 Technology)
  • Crux (Flex Technology)
  • Exult (10 SC-TI)
  • Exult (SC-TI)
  • Propel (New Color)
  • 7075

NEW Heads

  • Fortress
  • Crux (New Color)
  • Ntrance (New Color)
  • Nova (New Colors)
  • Level (New Colors)
  • Ava (New Colors)

NEW Goggles

  • 4Sight Form
  • 4Sight + (New Color)

NEW Gloves

  • Polar Cub Gloves


 NEW Complete Sticks

  • Spire with FLX
  • Spire

For more information about any of the lacrosse equipment listed above check out our website under the “Lacrosse” tab. To place an order please call 732-403-0285, email us at
info@achicwithstix.com, or send us an inquiry through our contact form. Make A Chic with Stix your lacrosse one-stop-shop!

Serious gear, for serious FEMALE athletes!

Field Hockey and Lacrosse Sticks in New Jersey A Chic with Stix Field Hockey Store New Jersey

Our equipment inventory is composed of technically advanced field hockey brands, including Dita, Grays, Gryphon, STX, and TK, and lacrosse brands, including deBeer, Harrow, and STX.

If you are looking to purchase field hockey sticks or lacrosse sticks in New Jersey, we have the perfect selection and variety to suit your needs.

And, if we don’t have what you are looking for we can order it for you! We look forward to hearing from you: (732) 403-0285

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Stick of the Month

Ultralight Lacrosse Head

"The Ultralight head is the lightest head on the lacrosse market. This unique head allows for players to truly feel the ball in the cross. The aggressive shape provides maximum control and shot accuracy and the reinforced plastic design ensures the Ultralight will withstand even the toughest checks."

Price: $111.95
Colors: Black, White, Carolina, Lime, Yellow, Purple, and Orange

How-To: Choose the Right Field Hockey Stick for YOU!