deBeer Lacrosse Sticks and Heads 

deBeer NV3

deBeer NV3 Lacrosse Sticks and Heads New Jersey









  • Traditional offset sidewall provides great feel and control.
  • Patent pending recessed lace channels prevents wear on the top lace while improves ease of scooping.
  • 6.5 degree raised ball stop improves control, ball retention, and catching ability.
  • Maximum travel creates a large pocket depth for improved control.
  • Complete stick comes with DeBeer’s revolutionary gripper pocket that offers unmatched performance benefits.
  • Meets USL specifications.
  • Complete stick is built with an Alloy 6000 handle.
  • Available colors: White, Black, Yellow, Navy, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Red, Orange, and Light Blue
  • Strung Head Only: $79.95

deBeer Sentinel Goalie Stick

deBeer Sentinel Lacrosse Goalie Sticks New Jersey 







  • Shortened comfort grip throat for improved control.
  • Incredible strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Multi-hole stringing system.
  • Designed to meet all rules specifications.
  • Color: White and Black
  • Price: $83.95

deBeer Rapture
deBeer Rapture Lacrosse Heads New Jersey 







  • Tapered sidewall design for larger catching area.
  • More narrow scoop area for increased velocity and accuracy.
  • New split ball stop reduces weight.
  • Reinforced sidewall design for added strength and energy transfer.
  • Maximum ball stop height for improved catching and cradling.
  • Strung with gripper pro pocket.
  • Colors: Black, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, White, and Yellow
  • Strung Head Only: $89.95


deBeer Lacrosse Handles 

deBeer Flex Handle

deBeer Flex Lacrosse Handles New Jersey









  • Lightweight carbon handle in a mid-sized octagonal shape.
  • Maximum handle flex increases velocity of ball with less effort.
  • Material: Composite.
  • Finish: Soft feel painted.
  • Color: Black
  • Price: $89.95

Questions About deBeer Lacrosse Equipment? 

If you would like to purchase deBeer lacrosse equipment or have any questions about the sticks/equipment listed on this page, please be sure to give us a call at: (732) 403-0285.