Introducing: Flavored Mouthguards!


MoGo Flavored Mouthguards are the new happening item when it comes to mouthguards! Not only do they protect your teeth, but the flavor lasts “game after game after game.” Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers says, “MoGo is the first mouthguard I actually enjoy wearing.”

MoGo believes the best way for athletes to protect themselves from mouth trama is to properly wear their mouthguard in their mouth. MoGo’s mission is to completely change the experience of wearing a mouthguard from a “need to” to a “want to.” The flavored material helps prevent dry mouth and athletes wear their MoGo Mouthguard properly in order to get optimum flavor.

  • Protection: MoGo Mouthguards create spacing between jaw bone and skull, for  additional protection. It protects teeth and absorbs impact from blows to the jaw. Each MoGo Mouthguard also has a $10,000.00 dental warranty!
  • Performance: The flavor of a MoGo Mouthguard is embedded in the EVA plastic so it lasts game after game after game. There is also more flavor located near saliva glands. Airway channels enhance breathability and performance, and there is a quick release tether included.
  • Fit: Essential custom fit for maximum protection. Chamfered inner walls aid in secure fit after biting and geometric design allows for flexibility and comfort.
  • Flavor: Color=Flavor. All the flavor and none of the calories. SAFETY: Natural flavors, FDA Compliant materials, BPA free, no latex.

MoGo Flavored Mouthguards promote mouth watering flavors, a comfortable fit, and pro level protection. There are 6 flavors including, fruit punch, mint, lemon, bubblegum, orange, and blue raspberry. MoGo Mouthguards are available in adult, youth, and braces (adult and youth). MoGo also does custom team orders including imprints on the mouthguard. You can choose the color of the mouthguard as well as the flavor. You can get imprints on the mouthguard with your name, team name, team slogan, etc…

So like we said, MoGo Flavored Mouthguards are the new happening thing when it comes to mouthguards. Don’t get caught with your mouthguard out of  your mouth. Wear MoGo Flavored Mouthguards to keep your mouth satisfied and your teeth protected! Try these mouthwatering mouthguards TODAY, by stopping by A Chic with Stix!

“MoGo is the mouthguard athletes will keep in their mouths…great flavors to choose from all the while providing superior comfort, protection and performance.”