NEW 2014 Lax Equipment Has Arrived!

We’re thrilled to introduce all of the new lacrosse equipment for the 2014 season, which is now available at A Chic with Stix!

New products from your favorite lacrosse brands, including deBeer, Harrow, and STX are  on our shelves and ready for you to check out.

We have a wide variety of complete sticks, heads, handles, goggles, stick bags and much, more. NEW this season…


NEW Complete Sticks

  • Crux 10 (New Handle)
  • Fortress
  • Crux (New Handle/Color)
  • Ntrance (New Handle/Color)
  • Nova (New Handle/Color)
  • Level (New Handle/Color)
  • Ava (New Handle/Color)
  • Starter Pack (New Colors)

NEW Handles

  • Crux (Flex 10 Technology)
  • Crux (Flex Technology)
  • Exult (10 SC-TI)
  • Exult (SC-TI)
  • Propel (New Color)
  • 7075

NEW Heads

  • Fortress
  • Crux (New Color)
  • Ntrance (New Color)
  • Nova (New Colors)
  • Level (New Colors)
  • Ava (New Colors)

NEW Goggles

  • 4Sight Form
  • 4Sight + (New Color)

NEW Gloves

  • Polar Cub Gloves


 NEW Complete Sticks

  • Spire with FLX
  • Spire

For more information about any of the lacrosse equipment listed above check out our website under the “Lacrosse” tab. To place an order please call 732-403-0285, email us at, or send us an inquiry through our contact form. Make A Chic with Stix your lacrosse one-stop-shop!

Serious gear, for serious FEMALE athletes!