NEW 2013-2014 Indoor Sticks are HERE!

Even though the regular field hockey season will be over soon, indoor field hockey season is just around the corner. Therefore, A Chic with Stix has once again attended to your needs and has indoor field hockey sticks available for purchase. Brands include Dita, TK, Gryphon and Grays.

Indoor Field Hockey Sticks Available in NJ

Indoor field hockey sticks are similar in shape and feel as the regular outdoor sticks, however they are thinner. In most indoor field hockey leagues you can not have much of a back swing or no back swing at all, so indoor sticks do not need to be as powerful. Indoor surfaces vary, but are not limited to turf and/or indoor courts such as roller hockey rinks. Therefore, all of the brands have adjusted their outdoor sticks to the indoor surfaces and the international indoor field hockey rules. Check out our Indoor Field Hockey Sticks page for more information on each indoor stick we have available at our New Jersey store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us any day of the week at 732-403-0285 or e-mail us at