New 2013 Lacrosse Equipment

2013 STX Exult 10 Lacrosse Head

2013 STX Exult 10 Lacrosse Head

We’re thrilled to introduce all the new lacrosse equipment for the 2013 season which is now available at A Chic with Stix!

New products from your favorite lacrosse brands, including deBeer, Harrow, and STX, are on our shelves and ready for you to check out.

We have a wide variety of complete sticks, heads, handles, goggles, stick bags and much, more. NEW this season…

Complete Lacrosse Sticks

  • deBeer Swag NEW!
  • deBeer Bliss NEW!
  • STX Exult 10 Complete Stick NEW!
  • STX Ava Jr NEW!

Lacrosse Heads

  • deBeer Swag NEW!
  • Harrow P7 (New Colors)
  • Harrow Ultralight (New Colors)
  • STX Exult 10 NEW!
  • STX Crux (New Color)

Lacrosse Handles

  • deBeer Demise NEW!
  • deBeer FLX275 (New Design)
  • deBeer USA Limited Edition
  • deBeer Triax (New Design)
  • STX Verge NEW!
  • STX Ripple 10 (New Graphic)
  • STX Lever 10 (New Graphic)
  • STX Slant 10 (New Graphic)
  • STX Rumble (New Graphic)
  • STX Tremble (New Graphic)
  • STX Lure (New Graphic)

Lacrosse Goalie Equipment

  • deBeer Kwan (New Design for the Women’s Game)
  • STX Shield NEW!

Lacrosse Accessories 

  • STX 4Sight+ Goggle (New Color)
  • STX Rookie Goggle NEW!

Browse our website, under the Lacrosse tab, for more information about any of the new 2013 lacrosse equipment listed above. To place and order please call 732-403-0285, email at, or send us an inquiry through our contact form. Make A Chic with Stix your lacrosse one-stop-shop!

Serious gear, for serious FEMALE athletes!