How to Buy a Field Hockey Stick

How to Buy a Field Hockey Stick

Choosing the Right Field Hockey Stick

Choosing the right field hockey stick can be very difficult, but we at A Chic with Stix will help make that decision a lot easier for you! Below are some helpful tips on how to choose the best stick for your height and position. Remember, “Serious gear, for serious female athletes” is our motto.


In recent times, composite sticks have become more popular than wood sticks because they are very powerful. With composite sticks it’s not always necessary to follow weight guidelines as closely as you would with wood sticks.

Remember: the weight of the stick is a personal preference. In the past, defenders played with heavier sticks and forwards played with lighter sticks. Now, you may notice that still seems to be the case, but in reality it is a personal preference.

Head Shape and Bend

Head Shape. There are a variety of head shapes based on the stick and the brand. Head shapes to consider are the Midi, Maxi, and J-Head. The J-Head offers more playing surface and it curves up into a J-shape. Players that dribble often prefer the Midi head for a quicker stick. The Maxi and J-Head are approximately ¼” longer than the Midi. Maxi heads are in between a Midi and J-Head. All Grays sticks have the Maxi head shape to provide a good amount of surface area without comprising the quickness of the stick. TK and Gryphon sticks are fairly similar in head shape as Grays. Dita offers all three head shapes, which vary from their Giga sticks, Terra sticks and Exa sticks.

Bend. The bend or bow is also something to consider. Less bend can help with stick control and avoid unintentional lifts, especially for beginner players. A larger bow can help with scoops and aerials, and a low bend is desirable for drag flicks.

Sizing Methods

A longer field hockey stick may seem desirable, but if it’s too long two problems will arise. First, the longer stick may cause undercutting of the ball, leading to frequently raised balls. The second problem is excessive, hard contact with the playing surface, causing fracture of the stick head, not to mention pain in your wrists. This type of fracture in the stick is not considered a manufacturer defect and is not covered under warranty.

A slightly shorter field hockey stick is also desirable to some because it may get a player lower to the ground, which is extremely important in field hockey. However, it might also cause unwanted back problems. Therefore, choosing the correct the size is crucial when picking a field hockey stick. Comfort is essential!

There are two sizing methods to use when choosing a field hockey stick:

  1. Place the toe on the ground and make sure the stick is straight. Hold the stick with two fingers at the top of the handle keeping it in place. The top of the stick should be relatively close to the hip bone. It may be slightly lower or higher. Stand up straight and have another person help with the fitting or use a mirror to see if the stick is close the hip bone.
  2. Hold the stick upside down, with the head in the air, insert the head in the arm pit, as if the stick was a crutch. A real crutch would reach the floor, while your stick should end near the knee. Stand up straight and have another person help with the fitting or use a mirror. The end of the handle should fall between the middle of your knee cap to no more than two inches below the bottom of the knee cap.

American Field Hockey Stick Size Chart for Choosing a Field Hockey Stick

Player Height and Field Hockey Stick Length

4’3” and under = 31”

4’3” to 4’6” = 32”

4’6” to 4’9” = 33”

4’9” to 5’ = 34”

5’ to 5’2” = 35”-35.5”

5’2” to 5’7” = 36”-36.5”

5”7” to 5’10” = 37”-37.5”

Over 5’10” = 38”

How to Buy a Field Hockey StickTry it Before You Buy It!

Ultimately, the best way to find the right field hockey stick for you is to come to A Chic with Stix in Fair Haven, NJ. We have field hockey experts ready to help you out and turf available in the store for you to get a feel for the stick before you purchase it.

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